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Innovative Design Concept

Innovative Design Concept

Dtailed analysis and understanding of the use environment and functional requirements of products.

Satisfy Customer's Request

Satisfy Customer's Request

During the processes of design and development, our team tested the structure of the products repeatedly to ensure the innovative functions added are viable. 

Custom Design

Looking forward, JINMAO plans to scale up its investment in design to create innovative and sustainable products that significantly improve the lives of our consumers.

Prototype Making

20 years + hardware production experience, professional technology, highly automated equipment to ensure production quality and production efficiency. We will offer the best way to suit your part details, tolerances, quantities.

  • icon320 Years + Hardware Production xperience

  • icon3Professional Technique

  • icon3Highly Automated Equipment


Quality Management

Perfect and efficient quality management system

  • Metal material property testing
  • Length Precision Measuring Instrument
  • Metal environmental resistance and corrosion detection

Your Customized Needs

You can let us know by leaving a message or calling: (+86)0573-8761-5888, and we will reply you within 24 hours!

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